2011-2012 Executive Commitee

2012 WIHSC Executive Committee

Jen Mohaupt Jen Mohaupt Faculty Co-Advisor

My name is Jen Mohaupt and I am honoured to be a faculty advisor for WIHSC. I enjoy my role at Conestoga College as a Professor in Nursing, where I am able to share my passion for nursing! Working in the ICU has really highlighted to me the necessity of Inter-Professional care to promote the best outcomes for critically ill patients. I am excited to be involved with a group that aims to promote inter-professional care and understanding at the student level. If we can all work together in our efforts to promote health care, the future looks bright indeed!

Brad Kueneman Brad Kueneman Faculty Co-Advisor

Lori SmithLori Smith Faculty Co-Advisor

Lisa Heil Lisa Heil President (until 2012)

Aaron Dolson Aaron Dolson Vice President (until 2012), Community Liaison

Melissa McIvor Melissa McIvor NaHSSA Representative (until 2012) President (beginning 2012)

Michelle Harrison Michelle Harrison Vice President

Danielle FosterDanielle Foster Treasurer

Emily Wannop Emily Wannop Treasurer

Edward Kong Edward Kong Secretary, Webmaster

Kelly Tarcza Kelly Tarcza NaHSSA Representative

Deo Genesis Andrada Deo Genesis Andrada Community Liaison

Kaytee Moore Kaytee Moore Member Coordinator, Paramedic Year 2 Program Representative

Alex Lee Alex Lee Health Informatics Management Year 3 Program Representative

Alicia Young Alicia Young Respiratory Therapist Year 2 Program Representative

Chaneen Miller Chaneen Miller Paramedic Year 1 Program Representative

Dan MartinDan Martin Pre-Service Firefighting Program Representative

Devan Reid Devan Reid BScN Level 2 Program Representative

Emma TimminsEmma Timmins Recreation and Leisure Services Program Representative

Madelaine Deitner Mady Deitner BScN Level 3 Program Representative

Samantha Blackburn BScN Level 4 Program Representative

Ted Foard Ted Foard Practical Nursing Year 1 Program Representative

Tracy Harrison Practical Nursing program Year 2 Program Representative