2012-2013 Executive Committee

Pat Chornaby Pat Chornaby Faculty Advisor

I am the faculty advisor for the 2012-2013 Academic year. It certainly is an honour to have this role for the coming school year.  I would like to strongly encourage everyone to become a member of this amazing group of students who are dedicated to the idea of interprofessional caring/ collaboration.  These students exemplify the ideal of working together, with each other, to learn from each other with the common goal to give client/patients better outcomes.

Karl Weiss Karl Weiss Faculty Co-Advisor

Melissa McIvor Melissa McIvor, BScN program
President (Fall 2012)

Michelle Harrison Michelle Harrison, Paramedicine program
Vice-President (Fall 2012), President (Winter 2013)

Jaclyn Van Der Kraak Jaclyn Van Der Kraak, BScN program
Co-Vice President (Winter 2013)

Madelaine Deitner Mady Deitner, BScN program
Co-Vice President (Winter 2013), Co-Membership Coordinator

Edward Kong Edward Kong, BScN program
Secretary, Web Master (Fall 2012)

Amanda Payne Amanda Payne, RPN program
Secretary, Web Master (Winter 2013)

Lanny Noble Lanny Noble, Pre-Service Firefighting program

Dane Howlett Dane Howlett, Pre-Service Firefighting program
NaHSSA Representative

Nicole Hoeksema Nicole Hoeksema, Early Childhood Education program
Co-Membership Coordinator, Program Rep

Alex Lee Alex Lee, Health Informatics Technology program
Program Representative

Martina Zvalena Martina Zvalena, BScN program
Program Representative

Ted Foard Ted Foard, Practical Nursing program
Program Representative

Alex Lee Victoria Trinh, Personal Support Worker program
Program Representative

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